Friday, December 24, 2010

"The Land" now has a name

It seemed to be missing something.

We went down to "the land" last weekend and walked around the perimeter for the first time.

"The land" has been the topic of a few conversations during the last few weeks and to me it always seemed as if it should have a name.

Well, last weekend the name presented itself as we were walking around the 3rd corner of the perimeter. The wife and kids were a little bit ahead of me as I decided to veer off and head over to a grove of pine trees.

I noticed dozens of deer tracks and wanted the kids to have a look so I called out, "Hey, you guys, come over here!" which was met in response with, "Where are you?"

I looked around and said simply, "Here, in the Pine Grove."

In that instant, the name for the land came into existence. Now, it may not be the most unique or interesting name, but it sure does fit.

I hope to get back down to Pine Grove pretty soon, as I would like to get started on clearing the brush from the inside of the perimeter. I would also like to clear out a spot for our first campground and then I will be posting a few "Private Property" signs. I had noticed a spot where some brush had been dumped over the fence onto our property.

Now, while I'm not terribly upset about the brush pile, I would still like to get those signs posted as soon as possible to let others know that some people are now taking an active participation with this piece of property.

I figure that the brush pile has probably been there awhile, as Pine Grove hasn't seen many visitors for the last dozen years or so.

Thanks for reading.

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