Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Site review: The Survivalist Blog

Okay, I will admit it, I like good quality knives, so when I found out that I might have a chance to win one for free, I decided to go ahead and write this site review. Trust me, I would have reviewed it anyhow, but now I have more motivation for doing so. Ahhh, so is life! ;^)
The prize: A nice all-purpose knife

I have been an avid reader of M.D. Creekmores Survival Blog for a fairly long time now, and I think that he does an outstanding job of maintaining it. He is a full-time blog writer & emergency preparedness consultant. He also lives off the grid in the Appalachian Mountains.

His site offers fresh content, updated often, and the people who leave comments on his postings seem to all be a great bunch of folks.

Now, unlike a lot of other "survivalist" related websites, this one isn't focused around "doom-n-gloom". Sure, there might be tough times ahead (name one time in history when there hasn't been) but M.D. doesn't seem to feel the need to constantly harp on one perspective or the other. Instead, his message seems to be quite clear and concise. I take it as one of, "Almost everything will become less difficult tomorrow, if you take the time to prepare today".

Generally, on Friday or Saturday there is a weekly posting which he calls, "What Did You Do To Prep This Week?"

This weekly posting usually receives 150-200+ comments and believe me, there's a ton of knowledge in there, just free for the taking. Not only does it act as a barometer of sorts for keeping me on my toes, it also serves as a springboard for ideas. Trust me, there are far more creative people out there than myself, and some of the best ideas that I have seem to come along when I least expect them too.

Overall, this site should be one of your daily "go to" sites.

So, if you somehow found your way here, hello and welcome, but now you should definitely head over to

[UPDATE 04-FEB-2011: I won! There were quite a few entries. You can read them all from here:
Clay and Robin, the owners of Sharp's Saddlery, contacted me through email to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted, and it's already been placed in the mail. I should receive it today or tomorrow. I also discovered a dozen or so new blogs that I'll be reading from now on.]