Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Review: One Second After

It's been a few months since the wife and I have read this book, but after we picked up a copy at one of our local public libraries it didn't take us long to finish it.

I started reading it the same day and 22 hours later I handed it to her and said, "Here, you might like to read this."

She was done within a day as well.

I think what we both liked the most about this book was that it seemed to focus around the majority of the population, instead of being focused on a minority of prepared individuals.

The overall premise of the book is that an EMP event takes place and that it takes several years to recover from the devastation. While there are many things that people can be prepared for, some things will no doubt be beyond their control, as was the case with one of the characters in the book who was a diabetic and relied on shots of insulin.

Overall, the story flowed pretty well, the premise was plausible, and the characters behavior kept us interested. We recommend reading this.

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