Sunday, June 26, 2011

Billy Goat Brush

The mowing deck on the Bolens Lawn Tractor is in the shop for repairs. A new drive spindle, some bearings, and a new main pulley (heavy, and the most expensive part) will have her all fixed up within a week.

On thinking about how I was making trails before, I realized that I should use the right tool for the job. Yesterday I rented a walk behind brush hog and spent the day clearing some space through the brambles at Pine Grove.

It was $108 for a full day rental, and considering that it's going to cost 4x that amount to have the mower deck repaired, I think that it was worth it. This machine had no problem mowing down the weeds and saplings. Anything over 2" or so it would let me know that it wasn't made for such a task.

The pathways are now ready to be maintained by the lawn tractor, and I will need to build a bridge, because in the middle of the thick brush which is now cleared, I found a pool of water in the creek bed.

In a way it is good to see because it is the creek bed area that I was thinking about clearing out in order to make a pond. However, it's also right at the southern fence line which is where the driveway would be. Well, plans are made for changing I suppose.


  1. Most of the trails on my land have been there forever. I haven't actually cut any myself other than the trail the vehicles use, and I used (hired) a bulldozer for that. I'd say a bushhog would be the way to go. You can get a lot done with one of those things. Be careful of it though, it doesn't care what it chews up.

  2. I like your new look. Nice makeover.

  3. @arsenius Yes, it was worth renting and didn't have any problems eating into 8 foot tall brambles.

    @Stephen Thanks, I think that it was worth the effort.