Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial weekend trip

With great intentions we loaded up the lawn tractor, several weed eaters, chainsaw and other various hand tools. Today was supposed to be a day of trail clearing.

After the 90 minute drive, we discovered that the neighbor had gone away for the weekend, or so it seemed.

The gate that he'd previously said was going to be okay to use in order to access our property was shut tight. A nice chain and padlock would prevent us from driving in.

I spend about 20 minutes with one of the weed eaters and cleared away some weeds next to the NW corner of his property, right by the county road.

I left a note in his mailbox and told him that we'd come down to do a days work but were unable to do so. I also mention the area that I'd trimmed and said that I would like to talk to him about making that the permanent easement entrance to our property. I left my phone number and asked him to call.

We left the fully loaded truck on the roadside and walked back to the property. I showed the family the trail which I had already began. I guess they weren't as excited about it as I had been.

We spent another 15 minutes back at the truck checking for and removing ticks. We found another 9 of them after we got back home.

Happy Memorial Day.


  1. Some days nothing goes right. Do you think he will agree to give you an easement?

  2. Yeah, I think that he will. He's already given us a verbal agreement that it'd be okay to cut through his gate. I guess I never considered that he might NOT be there at times. Hopefully, I will hear something from him later on this week.

  3. I hope it works out. It surprises me though, that someone would grant an easement through their property. Once they do, they can't lock their gate and anybody can use the route. If he records it at the courthouse, it's forever. But some folks don't mind that, sounds like he's one of them.