Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poorly planned day

Friday evening I hooked up the trailer and got everything ready for the trip down to Pine Grove on Saturday. I left early in the morning and spent the day clearing an entrance. I did not plan very well.

I had only taken two machete's with me, and for whatever reason it didn't dawn on me to load up the chainsaw, a rake, rope, shovel, lawnmower, or anything else.

So, the day was spent chopping away at the undergrowth with a machete. I even managed to saw down two small trees using the saw blade on the back of one of the machetes. (functional, but not much fun).

I also didn't plan my entrance as well as I had thought. Once I pulled the truck into the woods, the idea was to turn left and then back the trailer up in to a small clearing.

Well, I didn't leave enough room and once I unhooked the trailer, it was blocking my means to drive out, so I had to clear out some more brush and then by way of a 39-point turn, I was able to drive back out.

A few times, I took a break and was marking the north property line with some string, and I also wondered to the east end of the property and discovered that the little stream was actually running! It had rained on Friday night, but most of the ground wasn't wet at all.

Initially, I had made the assumption that the creek bed was just a watershed trench, but maybe it is something more (hopefully). I will have to walk upstream on the next trip (if the stream is running) and see if perhaps it is coming from a spring.

I ate an MRE for lunch (beef patty, yum!) and as poor planning was the theme of this trip, I didn't bring along enough water and the temperature was almost 90 degrees. I had thoughts of spending the night, but I was tired and thirsty.

Next trip down will be given much more thought. I promised myself that, for sure!

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