Sunday, March 13, 2011

Final payment

As of today, Pine Grove is ours! The last payment was made this morning and a notarized property deed is now in our hands.

We'll need to take care of the recording at the county court house sometime soon.

I have been watching the 10-day weather forecasts for a bit now. I'd like to start camping as soon as possible, but with sunshine and 70 degrees one day, and 4-inches of snow the next, it's probably best to wait.

My rule of thumb used to be to wait until after the first week when the night temperatures were all above 50-degrees. That might still be the way to go for this year.


  1. Cold temp camping is fun.... Rain camping sucks!!!

    Gratz on the final payment.

  2. I agree about rain camping, and I think that I might not mind cold temp camping, by myself, but with two kids it might not be as much fun, Then again, it might be a blast.

    The absence of mosquito's and snakes would certainly be a bonus.

    Thanks for the gratz.